Conferências independentes de cerveja


9:00 - 9:50h

New Hopped Techniques

Boris de Mesones

9:50 - 10:40h

The Philosophy of Recipe Design and Evaluation

Denny Conn

10:40 - 11:30h

Beer Sensory Analisys

Luis Héctor Valdez

12:00 - 12:50h

Keys to sucess, How to grow in a microbrewery

David Castro

12:50 - 13:40h

Beer quality

Ricardo Solis

13:40 - 14:30h

Yeast Management

John Palmer

16:30 - 17:20h

Beer Travel

Ron Smith

17:20 - 18:10h

The Beer Hunter

Gordon Strong


9:00 - 9:50h

Realities of the Brewing Industry: Report 2018

Paz Austin

9:50 - 10:40h

New Trends in Hopeed Beers: Hazy IPAs

Hernán Castellani

10:40 - 11:30h

Elements of Beer Evaluation

Marty Nachel

12:00 - 12:50h

Common mistakes and how to avoid them

Ryan Brooks

12:50 - 13:40h

Importance of Water in Beer

Omar Apud

13:40 - 14:30h

Maturing in barrels

Oscar Garrido

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